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Spot on photo from our friends at @crankstarbespoke highlighting the subtle detail in our carbon layup and matte finish.

Spot on photo from our friends at @crankstarbespoke highlighting the subtle detail in our carbon layup and matte finish.

Mason Oneal’s NACCCs trophy

Fresh out of finishing and in it’s new owner’s hands. Like a yellow jersey, only you can ride it….

Detailed shots:

There you have it. Pretty much the best trophy idea ever.

Building NACCCs champ Mason’s Bike

Building Mason Oneal’s NACCCs trophy frame part 3

After hashing out geometry and the details of the single speed configuration (cantilever brakes and sliders with a future disc option) we started cutting and welding the frame together. Below, we see Wes preparing to weld the rear end of the frame.

Once welded, finishing work begins. Given its ‘stainless’ properties, it doesn’t make a ton of sense to paint stainless frames. In this case, we buffed out the weld scars and etched logos into the frame. Etching involves using a media blaster to make an image in the polished steel surface. To do this you have to be careful to protect the polished areas of the frame from any errant media that ricochets within the blast chamber. Any loose particles flying around will leave a mark. To protect the frame, we mask the logo area and then cover the frame with tape to protect the polish.

Below, we see Matt masking and blasting the frame.

You’ll see what emerges in the next post…

2011 NACCCs winner Mason Oneal

NACCCs trophies part 2

Being from Austin, Mason made it up to our shop likity split to begin the ordering and process for his frame. Mason is a pretty seasoned rider so he had a clear idea of the frame he wanted. Mason was going for a single speed cyclocross bike with a geometry based roughly on his geared Bianchi Cross Concept. To update the design a bit, he opted to upgrade to an oversize head tube to accommodate a tapered cross fork. Mason came into the shop to have us measure him and his current bike up. We also put him up on our Retul fitting system to see if there were any glaring ergonomic issues with his current fit. Again, Mason is a seasoned rider so there weren’t any big changes that needed to be done in terms of fit.

Once we had Mason’s fit numbers, it was time to draw a bike so KVA could supply us with the appropriate tubing for Mason’s geometry and the demands of cyclocross. Here are the numbers on his new frame:

After sending the design to KVA, a tube arrived a week later full of the steel that would become his bike.

Stay tuned….